NSW Trip continued: Back on the road! 8-10 June

Well, the parks are open, camping is permitted once again (and petrol is cheap!!) so we left home, which although we love it, has really been our prison for the last 2+ months.

Monday 8 June Crescent Head
We set off Monday morning and headed north, arriving at Crescent Head around 4 pm. Our site proved the perfect spot to watch a fabulous sky with sunset around 5.15 pm. Geri & Michael were not that far behind us, and we enjoyed the view together, as they set up camp beside us.

Fivesies and dinner in our annexe which was nice and cozy, and lit with our camping lanterns. We also brought our little heater so that if needed, we can use it in here when we have a power site. It’s a handy room to dry wet clothes..!

We still love our van, even though we were unable to take our bikes with us as we are still waiting for the dealer to assess and potentially fix the rack on the back – booked in for 29th June… 3.5months lead time (not happy about that of course)! Anyway, this three-week trip will just be without the bikes and seeing as the forecast is for plenty of rain, we may not miss them that much.

Awesome first sunset from our site – credit photo: Geri

Tuesday 9 June Crescent Head
We started with a lovely little walk around the area of the caravan park; it is a gorgeous place surrounded by hills, surf and a very long beach shaped like a crescent. There is also an interesting golf course against quite a long steep beautiful green hill which provides sensational views

The weather gave us sun in the morning and off and on showers with a pleasant enough temperature. We did various walks during the day, had an ordinary lunch at the local club, and again drinks and dinner at ours. Unfortunately no pretty sunset today…

View from the top of the hill
View from the hill
Crescent Head Beach

Wednesday 10 June
Today we went for a drive northbound headed for Smoky Cape Lighthouse, hoping to also see a glimpse of a humpback, which have already been sighted this season. No such luck. On to South West Rocks, where we had a really good lunch at the town pub and wandered around a bit. From there we turned back, and visited Trial Bay Gaol, which was an interesting piece of history – it was built as an experiment where inmates in the last quarter of 19th century spent 17 years building a breakwater, to provide a safe harbour. The project failed miserably and only about 20% was completed, but it sure kept the prisoners busy and really not a bad place to be incarcerated!

It stayed mostly dry, cloudy and with a breeze today, with a balmy temperature of 18-20°C.  We did not see the sun at all, so I don’t hold much hope for a pretty sunset… Tomorrow morning we pack up to head a little further north to Bellinger River.

Current inmates at Trial Bay Gaol

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6 thoughts on “NSW Trip continued: Back on the road! 8-10 June

  1. Ik heb geen mogelijkheid gezien van “leave aan comment” bij de laatste trip. Misschien dat het hiermee lukt?

  2. Ha lieve reizigers : leuk om de blog te lezen en jullie weer te volgen.
    Ik heb op Maps gezien waar jullie zijn maar een route erbij om jullie te volgen is wel erg fijn !
    Goede reis verder en liefs van Annette

    1. Fijn dat je het weer volgt Annette. Ik zal de kaart er weer bij plakken… 😉

  3. looks and sounds like you are having a great time away. Love South West Rocks will have to get back there one day. We are looking forward to heading off to Lake Conjola on the 21st for 10 days, look forward to reading more about your trip.
    Phil and Deb

    1. Yes, SWR is a lovely little spot… Your upcoming trip also sounds really nice, that area is so pretty…. hope the temperature is kind to you, however in your van, you won’t need to worry about any of the elements!😉 Happy camping, share some pictures and updates on FB?

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