NSW – VIC Country trip: 14 & 15 March

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 March

We decided to start our planned trip a few days early. Our first stop was supposed to be Little Hartley to stay with friends for just over a week starting 19th March but with all the Corona madness we just wanted to be on our way.

On Saturday we took the long way to get to Little Hartley and for our first night we stayed in Denman (NSW). We left home around 2 PM and had mostly rain all the way. We didn’t set up much as we didn’t intend to stay long, and given the rain and it being our first night, we decided to eat out at a local restaurant. We then cozily watched TV inside, knowing our tried and tested caravan would not leak – whoohoooo (touch wood)!!

Sunday 15-March: We packed up and were on the road around 10 AM, we decided to make our way to historic Gulgong. This place is quite quaint, and we intend to stay for more than one night.

The Mudgee-Gulgong district was an important gold mining centre in the late 1800s and Gulgong, in particular, was one of the richest deep lead gold areas in New South Wales. Novelist and bush poet Henry Lawson lived briefly in Gulgong as a child in the early 1870s.

We grabbed the bikes and paddled to the village to get some supplies, and had a bit of a nose around. Liked the town of Gulgong so far.

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One thought on “NSW – VIC Country trip: 14 & 15 March

  1. Go,go,go zou ik zeggen, hopelijk niet al teveel last onderweg van het virus , de natuur blijft mooi en je hebt alles bij de hand.
    Lieve lui , geniet ervan en leuk dat ik mee kan reizen 🖒😘

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